Holy Bible with God's New Law

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Do not say, "I'll pay you back for this wrong!" Wait for the LORD, and he will deliver you. - Proverbs 20:22

This new version of the Holy Bible that includes the New Testament, along with a new book entitled God's New Law, which was introduced in the year 2000. This book contains testimony of prophecy fulfilled, prophecy to be, and new entitlements to the submissive and true of heart. This book is one of many symbols of your new freedoms to rejoice. Amen.

What's Inside?

Homosexuality Forgiven    Fornication Forgiven    Gay Marriage in God's Kingdom   

The Journal

The first book of God's New Law, "The Journal," is a description of the re-creation of man beyond Revelations entitling all those as equals.

The Journey

The second book, "The Journey," are parables told by the Lord’s Servant.

The Victory

The third book, "The Victory," is a poem of vengeance that sings a song of enlightenment.

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